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How many certified Passivhaus Professionals are there in the world?

The number of certified experts for Passive House design has now reached the 4,000 mark in with recent exams taken in more than 30 countries across Europe and North America as well as in South Korea and New Zealand.

Passive House Institue Map of Certifiers

The "Certified Passive House Designer" qualification is proof that the competence of the certificate holder has been tested by an independent institute. For building owners and residents, this provides significantly increased security in terms of ensuring that buildings claiming to be Passivhaus also comply and perform to the Passivhaus Standard. Legislation such as the European Buildings Directive will also help drive this trend in the future.

With such rapid dissemination of the Passive House Standard, expert planning paired with available Passive House components is crucial for a high quality and high energy efficiency.  Wolfgang Hasper, Passive House Institute. 


How to become a Passivhaus Designer/Consultant 

Applicants can either sit an exam or submit a report on a Certified Passivhaus project they have designed.

To become a Passivhaus Designer applicants must have a verified qualification allowing the them to independently design buildings or technical building systems, for example, qualification as an architect or civil engineer.

For those without any such qualification, it is possible to acquire the Passive House Consultant certificate.

Once certified, designers and consultants must provide evidence every five years that they have put the acquired knowledge into practice and that they are up to date with the developments in the field by submitting a report on a Certified Passive House Building that they have designed.

Further information on how to become a certified PH designer/consultant can be found here.

Search for Certified Consultants here.


Certified PH Designer courses in the UK

For UK Certified designer courses check our certified training events listing regularly. 

2014 Exam dates: Saturday 18.10.2014  |  Friday 5.12.2014

21st July 2014

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