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UK Passivhaus Conference 2011 feedback- a roaring success

Day 1 First session speakers  L to R- John Williamson (jpw Construction), Berthold Kauffman (Passivhaus Institut), Steff Bell (Scottish Passive House Centre), Nick Newman (bere:architects), Lynne Sullivan (sustainableBYdesign), Richard Whidbourne (e-Griffin Consulting), Nick Tune (BRE), Chris Herring (Passivhaus Trust), Ismael Daoud (Brussels Ministry of Environment, Sustainability and Energy)

The UK Passivhaus Conference 2011 held at the Barbican on 24th and 25th October was a roaring success and provided a huge boost for the Passivhaus movement in the UK.

Read more about the Conference through coverage via AJ Footprint, sustain magazine, 2degreesnetwork and Mark Brinkley.

At the Trust we have been pleasantly inundated with calls and emails from speakers, delegates and exhibiters post the conference all telling us how well they thought the conference went. We would like to share some of the feedback we have received: 

Thanks a lot from my side as well for the very impressive conference. It was a pleasure for me being there.

-Dr. Berthold Kauffman, Passivhaus Institut


From my perspective the conference was a huge success. I received a fair bit of informal feedback from various speakers and delegates during the two days.  All of this was very positive.  I was a little embarrassed to be personally complimented a number of times about the conference (and had to correct the speaker, putting the credit where it was due)! 

-Chris Herring, Passivhaus Trust


Thanks for organising everything so well - great from my point of view as contributor. Also as a practice we really enjoyed the whole thing and learnt a great deal.

Congratulations on giving yourselves a hard act to follow!!

-Lynne Sullivan, sustainableBYdesign


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all for your superb organisation of the conference. It was a brilliant event and a great success - the programme, the speakers, the venue, the lunch, the evening meal - it really felt as though passivhaus in the UK has come of age.

It was great also to see so many new faces attending, rather than just the usual suspects. But I really do appreciate that for all of that to happen and for everything to run so smoothly takes a massive amount of dedication and hard work - so WELL DONE and THANK YOU!

The passivhaus future is bright!

-Jonathans Hines, Architype


I would like to congratulate everyone that was involved in the organisation and execution of this year’s conference. It was as I’m sure may people have already commented on excellent, very professional and a fantastic reflection of all the hard work that went into the preparation.

-Steff Bell, Scottish Passive House Centre


Special congratulations and thank you to you and the team, who made it really an excellent conference; I hope you can all take a break and recover!

-Fran Bradshaw, Anne Thorne Architects


A big well done on the conference 2011. [Although I was] partially distracted by conducting visits, things seemed to run very smoothly and the quality of the talks I saw was excellent. The retrofit session I saw this morning was excellent as was the afternoon session yesterday about Architype’s school. I thought the mix and content and general organisation really came off very well indeed….I think the PHT/BRE team produced a triumph.

-Robert Prewett, Prewett Bizley Architects


I would like to say I thought the conference was brilliant and I really enjoyed it - it has moved on light years from last year …

-Henrietta Lynch, UCL


Day 1 Fisrt Session: Nick Tune (BRE)

28th October 2011

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