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1st private rental EnerPHit in London certified

2 rental properties on Passmore street, Belgravia have become the first EnerPHit homes available for private rental in London. The 2 bed properties will offer lucky tenants improved indoor air quality along with reduced fuel bills.

Grosvenor’s aim is to help its customers get more comfort and more health benefits from their central London homes. Grosvenor and the team are aiming to reduce the gaps between tenancies to make EnerPHit an economically desirable retro model. Grosvenor also believes applying the EnerPHit standard to more of their properties should see them rented quicker! 

Grosvenor London EnerPHit Passmore Street EnerPHit


Key Team:

Client: Grosvenor

Architect & PH Consultants: Sturgis Carbon Profiling

M&E: Edward Pearce 

Structural Engineer: Hurst Pierce + Malcolm

Contractor: Grangewood (Passmore) / Gaysha Ltd (Adams Row)

Certifier: Co-Create Consulting

The properties were certified to the EnerPHit Standard via the heating demand route. A third property awaits certification via the component route.


Further Information

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30th March 2015

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