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Impressive initial air test results for Exeter social housing scheme

A development of six houses in Exeter has received extremely low airtightness results of 0.2 ACH during initial testing, one third of the requirement for the Passivhaus standard.

The social housing scheme, due for completion in August 2015, is being designed and built by Passivhaus Trust members Gale & Snowden Architects and contractors C G Fry & Son on behalf of Exeter City Council. The development is one of three sites consisting of 20 new three bedroom being designed by Gale & Snowden for Exeter City Council as part of the council's commitment to build all new homes to the Passivhaus standard.

'Reed Walk', Newport Road, Exeter - Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd.

The houses at the 'Reed Walk' development near Newport Road, Exeter are of dense concrete blockwork construction and are insulated externally.  Additionally, as part of Gale & Snowden's commitment to the Building Biology principles, only 'healthy' building materials will be used during the build.

Knights Place, Exeter - Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd.

Gale & Snowden Architects are experts in the industry having delivered low energy, healthy buildings for over 20 years and have completed a number of Passivhaus housing projects, such as Knight's Place in Exeter.

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