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Component Award 2016: Cost effective Ventilation

The Passivhaus Institute's 2016 Component Award is searching for potential winners showcasing cost effective ventilation solutions in residential Passivhaus buildings with a specific focus on energy efficient retrofits. The previous 2 years of the Component Award focused upon windows.

Some exemplary solutions for energy efficent and space saving ventilation for residential buildings have been developed within the last years. The Component Award aims to highlight cost-effective and practical ventilation concepts. The sought-after holistic ventilation solutions for the whole building should provide both a simplified installation as well as very good energy characteristics. The comparison of the solutions will be based upon a life cycle approach taking into account all costs, from planning, acquisition, installation, adjustment and subsequent maintenance costs.

Component Award 2016The competition is open to certified ventilation systems. Accelerated certification for new components is also possible for participants of the Component Award 2016, resulting in independently evaluated results.

Entry deadline is 31 December 2015.

The winners will be selected by a jury and the prizes will be awarded at the 20th International Passive House Conference held in Darmstadt.

Detailed competition documents will be available in August 2015.


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PHI Component Award 2016

PHI Component Award 2016 flyer

24th July 2015

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