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Thinking of building a forever house? Make it a Passivhaus. This campaign is aimed at anyone contemplating building their own home. Discover why building to Passivhaus is good for you! A short video and brochure boast the many benefits that Passivhaus can bring. We’ll let you into a secret... Its not just about energy efficiency.

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Published: October 2016


Next Steps

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The most successful and cost-effective way of achieving Passivhaus is by incorporating the standard before your designs are complete. It’s also useful if the Passivhaus elements are included in your planning application. If the above has whet your appetite, take advantage of the free resources and guides that delve into more detail by visiting our get started page.

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Who can help?

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Building a Passivhaus is a team sport. Ensure you have the right skills on the project. It can be as varied as getting a team who have successfully delivered Passivhaus, or learning yourself. Take a look at our map of UK Passivhaus professionals to find who may be able to help, or search via category here. Check the Passivhaus Institute's register of Certified Passivhaus Designers, Consultants & Tradespeople for help worldwide.

If you are interested in learning skills yourself - there are a number of Passivhaus courses available.


Get inspired!

Passivhaus Open Days

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Take advantage of visiting a Passivhaus during the annual Passivhaus Open Days held in November, nationwide. 

Visit our online Passivhaus project gallery

View the best of the best, by browings the UK Passivhaus Awards.


You can catch the Passivhaus goes Personal campaign at various self-build trade shows throughout the year. Check our events page regularly for upcoming events.



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