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Thinking of building a forever house? Make it a Passivhaus. The Passivhaus Goes Personal campaign is aimed at anyone contemplating building their own home. Discover why building to Passivhaus is good for you! We’ll let you into a secret... Its not just about energy efficiency.

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Passivhaus Goes Personal

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Published October 2016

Self-build case studies

The beauty of a Passivhaus project is that they can come in all shapes and sizes, be set in both urban and rural locations and built using different construction methods. Get inspired by certified Passivhaus self-build schemes throughout the UK, and discover how to kick-start your own Passivhaus project.

Devon Passivhaus, Image credit: McLean Quilan Larch Corner, Image credit: Mark Siddall New Forest EnerPHit, Image credit: Ruth Butler Architects
Tigh na Croit, Image credit: Keith Hunter Old Holloway Chiswick Eco Lodge, Image credit: RDA
Dundon Passivhaus, Image credit: Prewitt Bizley Bristol Passivhaus Plus, Image credit: Piers Sadler Denby Dale, Image credit: Green Building Store
Ostro Passivhaus, Image Credit: David Barbour Bowman's Lea ©-Agnese-Sanvito
Lansdowne Drive, Image credit: Tectonics Architects
Harpenden EnerPHit Plus Norfolk Strawbale Passivhaus, Image credit: Anne Thorne Architects Treetops, aiming for Passivhaus certification. Image credit: Mark Ashbee

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Resources & guides

Passivhaus provides superior quality & comfort whilst lowering energy bills. Discover more in our Passivhaus Benefits Guide identifying almost fifty types of benefits relating to Passivhaus.

Passivhaus Benefits: Research Summary Guide, 2021

The most successful and cost-effective way of achieving Passivhaus is by incorporating the standard before your designs are complete. It’s also useful if the Passivhaus elements are included in your planning application. If the above has wet your appetite, take advantage of the free resources and guides that delve into more detail by visiting our get started page.

How to build   Passivhaus introduction

Who can help?

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Building a Passivhaus is a team sport. Ensure you have the right skills on the project. It can be as varied as getting a team who have successfully delivered Passivhaus, or learning yourself. Take a look at our directory of UK Passivhaus professionals to find who may be able to help.

Learn more about the Passivhaus certification process available for people, projects, and products. Check a list of international certified designers, consultants, & tradepeople here.

If you are interested in learning skills yourself - there are a number of Certified Passivhaus courses available.



There are many ways to find out more about existing Passivhaus projects:

  • Passivhaus Open Days: Visit a Passivhaus during the annual Passivhaus Open Days to experience a Passivhaus for yourself and ask any questions you may have.

  • Passivhaus Projects Gallery: Visit our online gallery to discover Passivhaus projects throughout the UK.

  • UK Passivhaus Awards: View the best of the best, by browsing previous UK Passivhaus Awards and follow the latest from the UK Passivhaus Awards 2021.

  • Passivhaus Trust Events: Check our events page regularly for upcoming events including case study webinars, Site visits and many more.


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