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Technical Guidance - Designing for summer comfort in the UK

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The Passivhaus Trust has commissioned the ‘Designing for Summer Comfort in the UK’ guide in order to consider how modern buildings, and specifically Passivhaus buildings, can be designed to be comfortable in summer as well as winter.

Passivhaus buildings are known for delivering excellent winter comfort in the coldest of climates, with no draughts or condensation, and lower heating bills. The Passivhaus Standard also includes targets for summer comfort and the Passivhaus design software provides increasingly powerful tools to consider this. Delivering summer comfort can be more of a challenge because, whilst there is always a heating system to control winter temperatures, there is typically no source of active cooling available in the summer.

This paper was written by Mark Siddall & Nick Grant, with input from: Mike Roe, Kym Mead, Will South, Alan Clarke, Zeno Bastian, Dave Edwards and Kate de Selincourt.

Click below to download the guidance document. You can also download the ‘Risk register‘ template as highlighted in Appendix 2 and the ‘Design Statement‘ template as highlighted in Appendix 3 of the document.

Designing for Summer Comfort in the UK             

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Download Design Statement


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Published: August 2016

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