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Passivhaus Primers - Net Zero, Retrofit, Embodied Carbon

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The Passivhaus Trust has previously published detailed guidance on Passivhaus as a route to net zero, and is now releasing a series of primers to present the research in an accessible and easy-to-digest format.

The detailed guidance covers:

  • Passivhaus: the route to zero carbon? - Passivhaus and how it supports our journey to our Net Zero future
  • Passivhaus retrofit in the UK - how Passivhaus can be used as an approach to tackle the huge retrofit challenge facing the UK
  • Passivhaus and embodied carbon - the Passivhaus Trust are currently creating a new research position paper on Embodied Carbon due for publication in Spring 2022.

The four-page primers below will give you a quick but comprehensive overview of the issues covered by this more detailed guidance and research.


PHT Primer: Operational carbon


PHT Primer: Retrofit


PHT Primer: Embodied carbon

Passivhaus: a route to net zero
Operational carbon


Passivhaus: a route to net zero


Passivhaus: a route to net zero
Embodied carbon




Coming soon!

Download primer (PDF)


Download primer (PDF)



Published: February 2022


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