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Technical Guidance - Moisture and EnerPHit

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This paper introduces the challenges around moisture risk that must be borne in mind when tackling any retrofit project, and is essential reading for designers, as well as clients who are looking to inform themselves of the key issues and factors that will influence the project. While not intended as a comprehensive or prescriptive guide, it provides a useful starting point for applying a best practice approach, and also gives pointers towards further resources and training for those interested in developing their expertise.

Section 1 of this guide starts with some key principles for reducing moisture risk in retrofit as well as a brief overview of moisture building physics. Sections 2 and 3 present best practice approaches to the assessment and design of retrofits for the highest moisture risk scenarios, but in the context of an EnerPHit retrofit, illustrated using real world case studies.

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 Moisture and EnerPHit | Passivhaus Trust | December 2023

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 Published: December 2023
v 1.1 issued January 2024



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