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2 Homes at Fulmodeston receive Passivhaus certification

Mole sketch

Mole Architect's £1.2million low energy rural housing scheme in Fulmodeston village, North Norfolk has received Passivhaus certification. The development consists of 4 semi-detached houses (3 2-bed and 1 3-bed)

Broadland Housing

 Key design features:

  • North/south orientation and solar shading ensure appropriate passive solar gain.

  • Compact simple form with high insulation levels.

  • Restriction of window size and predominantly south facing openings.

  • Heat recovery ventilation.

  • Timber structure with locally sourced material selection of clay pantiles, brick and naturally finished timber boards.

  • Actual air tightness levels 0.6ach

  • Annual heating energy demands 12kWh/m²/year

  • Heating loads 10W/m²

  • Primary energy demand 87 kWh/m²

Broadland housing plan

Funding was provided by Broadland Housing association in collaboration with North Norfolk District Council.

A similar scheme in the nearby village of Barney is a four home development built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. There are plans to monitor and compare it with the Fulmodeston scheme.

Broadland housing

Further information available here:

Mole Architects


20th November 2013

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