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Construction in a time of Covid-19

The Trust is aware that several of our members and colleagues work on construction sites and appreciate that many are self-employed, awaiting government announcements of any significant aid or financial measures. Workers continue to put their lives in danger (and those of others) going to construction sites that are not essential.

Official messages have been somewhat unclear up to now. We hope the below will help inform you of the current position and wishing that you all remain safe and well.

Covid 19 Guidance: Site Operation Procedures_Construction Leadership Council

To help stop the spread of coronavirus, the UK Government has ordered certain businesses and venues to close. A list of these businesses can be found here. A list of frequently asked questions alongside the appropriate guidance can be found here.

Financial assistance is available for employers via the Job Retention Scheme & the self-employed via the Self-employment Income Support Scheme. HMRC has a set up a phone helpline to support businesses and self-employed people concerned about not being able to pay their tax due to coronavirus. You can now call them on 08000 241222. 


The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have produced guidance for Site Operational Procedures for construction sites. The high-level summary is: 

"Activities that can continue are those that can comply with the guidance of social distancing for the workforce travelling to and from site, use of welfare facilities and carrying out the works.

If people cannot get to site whilst complying with Public Health England (PHE) guidance, then they should not do this.  If you do not have the correct number and type of people on-site to safely undertake works, then as always, you should not do it – and even if there are sufficient number and type of people to undertake works safely, but this cannot be done in compliance with PHE guidance, then again the works should not be done."

UPDATE: 14th April 2020 - V3 Site Operating Procedures

The CEO of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has begun to define construction work that is critical during this coronavirus pandemic with a comprehensive, but not an exhaustive list (circa 50 points.) The CIC is in touch with NHS London Hospitals Trust to help the NHS with urgently needed PPE.  A summary of the equipment required is as follows:

  • FFP3 Respirator Masks
  • Full Face Visors (disposable)
  • Full Face Visors (reusable)
  • Safety Goggles/Glasses
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Full Body (Hazardous Material) Suits
  • Logistics/Transport support

If you are able to provide some of these essential pieces of equipment, please get in touch with Graham Watts


COVID-19 Construction Industry Taskforce has been set up to work with BEIS and Government ‘to protect the current and future of the construction industry.’  The Government is closely monitoring developments in relation to potential economic impacts on the UK economy and individual businesses and supply chain, and welcomes information from businesses on:

  • The impacts across supply, demand and labour markets
  • Actions being taken by firms to address these impacts
  • Any gaps in the Government response from your perspective

Please send your intelligence to  


Amidst the rapidly changing scenario, all the above guidance is subject to change.


Further Information

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Image credit: Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

25th March 2020

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