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Curious Kids: Home learning resources

We are all striving to adapt to the Coronavirus lockdown - working from home, social distancing, and self-isolation are all part of our brave new world.

Shout-out to all the parents and guardians entertaining & expanding pupils' minds at home. Many within the construction industry and science sectors are rising to the challenge of providing home-learning teaching resources and activities for primary and secondary school children; including lesson plans, handouts and videos. Below is a handy list of (mostly free) resources for a wide range of knowledge levels (including curious adults!):

Passivhaus explained

Passivhaus Videos:

Primary STEM resources

Spaghetti structures, simple circuits and more. Activities include lesson plans, handouts and film clips.

via the IET: 5-11 years.

Design quest

Architecture workshop ideas & Resources

Take inspiration from the previously run creative workshops & design quests. New online resources coming soon.

via RIBA: 6+ years.

Passivhaus Projects Map

Passivhaus Projects

Search our project map to see if there is a Passivhaus near you? Check out these Passivhaus schools, and find more Passivhaus schemes big and small in the projects gallery.

via PHT: 5 -19 years

Shaping Space RIAI

Shaping Space

From why we need houses & how they stand up to exploring layouts & planning streets.

via RIAI: 5 - 11 years.

Use of a thermographic camera and digital thermometer to judge the “Baked Potato Challenge”


The Baked Potato challenge, searching for heat losses & testing air quality.

via RAFT: 5 -11 years.

Colouring Sheffield

Colouring Sheffield

When you can't visit your favourite places, the next best thing is colouring them in!

via Our Fave Places, 5+ years

Passivhaus Literature

Passivhaus Literature

From introductory booklets to how to build guides - peruse the plentiful Passivhaus brochures.

via PHT: 11 - 19 years

Passivhaus books

Further Passivhaus reading list 

More here

via various authors & publishers: 11+

Secondary STEM resources

Smart materials, energy efficiency and testing and evaluating products.

via the IET: 11 - 19 years.


If you know of any other built environment/ science resources to add to the list please email with the subject line: Home-learning 

Finally, take a moment to appreciate how amazing teachers are! 


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