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Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy

The Trust are delighted to partner with the International Passivhaus Association (iPHA) for the launch of a global campaign “Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy. The campaign aims to raise awareness for the vital role energy-efficient buildings play in meeting climate goals AND demonstrate that they provide a comfortable, healthy and sustainable built environment. 

Efficiency First


The United Nations IPCC highlights the substantial action needed to limit global warming. Currently, 35% of global energy consumption comes from the building sector alone. The operational stage is the largest contributor to carbon emissions, with the majority of this stemming from heating and cooling demand.

Therefore, think #EfficiencyFirst! The Passivhaus standard (or EnerPHit for retrofits) provides a pathway to meeting our climate goal.


Campaign Activities

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2021 Efficiency First Pamphlet

 #ExplainPassiveHouse Competition

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Efficiency First Campaign Pamphlet

International Passivhaus Open Days 2021

Passivhaus Open Days: June 2021







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Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy