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Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy

A global campaign “Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy aims to raise awareness for the vital role energy-efficient buildings play in meeting climate goals AND demonstrate that they provide a comfortable, healthy and sustainable built environment. 

Global share of building and construction final energy, 2019The United Nations IPCC highlights the action needed to limit global warming. Currently, 35% of global energy consumption comes from the building sector alone. The energy in use (to operate, heat, & cool buildings) is the largest contributor to carbon emissions, with the majority of this stemming from heating and cooling demand. The construction industry has a massive role in reducing this. Our buildings must go through a radical change to meet Net Zero targets and mitigate the worst of the Climate Crisis. We must transition away from fossil fuels to power the spaces where we live, work and play. Improved efficiency is critical.

It is far more cost-effective to save energy than to generate it. Therefore, think #EfficiencyFirst! Passivhaus is an international tool backed by 30 years of evidence and already available to address the Climate Emergency. It provides us with a range of proven approaches to deliver net-zero-ready new and existing buildings optimised for a decarbonised grid and augmented for occupant health and wellbeing. This is no time to reinvent the wheel - the tools we need to deliver on our climate pledges exist today, so let's get to work!


Why Efficiency First?

The grid is decarbonising quickly. With costs of renewable energy falling - why should we bother adding insulation or making properties more efficient? The graphic below highlights a few reasons why efficiency is a critical part of the decarbonisation journey. 

Why efficiency First?

Get into the detail of these issues with our Passivhaus: a route to zero carbon campaign. We highly recommend the free recordings. Explore the Passivhaus Classes  Classic, Plus or Premium, which take into consideration renewable generation & storage.  A selection of certified Plus & Premium projects in the UK can be found here.


Campaign Activities

COP26 Glasgow

Our buildings must go through a radical change to meet net zero targets and mitigate the worst of the Climate Crisis. Improved efficiency is critical. The UN Climate Conference, COP26, takes place from 1 -12 Novembe in Glasgow. There’s a plethora of Passivhaus activity to get involved with. 

Icebox Challenge Glasgow

The Icebox Challenge Glasgow is a simple public installation highlighting the importance of energy efficiency and the energy saving potential of Passivhaus. One box was built to the Scottish building standard, while the other met the international Passivhaus Standard.  #IceboxChallengeGlasgow

A short video explaining why an efficiency first approach to buildings is critical in mitigating the climate crisis.

UK Passivhaus Conference 2021: Delivering Net Zero through Passivhaus


We will be exploring how to scale-up energy efficient buildings and deliver net zero through Passivhaus at the 2021 UK Passivhaus Conference. Join us on the 25th November and 2nd December to discover more.



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