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Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy

The global campaign “Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy aims to raise awareness for the vital role energy-efficient buildings play in meeting climate goals AND demonstrate that they provide a comfortable, healthy and sustainable built environment. 

The United Nations IPCC highlights the substantial action needed to limit global warming. Currently, 35% of global energy consumption comes from the building sector alone. The energy in-use (to operate, heat, & cool buildings) is the largest contributor to carbon emissions, with the majority of this stemming from heating and cooling demand.

Therefore, think #EfficiencyFirst! The Passivhaus standard (or EnerPHit for retrofits) provides a pathway to meeting our climate goal.


Campaign Activities

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2021 Efficiency First Pamphlet

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Efficiency First Campaign Pamphlet

International Passivhaus Open Days 2021

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Efficiency: The First Renewable Energy