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Getting Passivhaus into Scottish legislation has got one step closer and now needs urgent help from supporters in Scotland.

Domestic Building Environmental Standards (Scotland) Bill

The proposed Domestic Building Environmental Standards (Scotland) Bill aims to introduce new minimum environmental design standards for all new-build housing to meet a Scottish equivalent to the Passivhaus standard, in order to improve energy efficiency and thermal performance

Please call on your MSPs to support the Bill, proposed by Alex Rowley MSP, by signing the proposal so that it can be heard in the Scottish Parliament. There is until 16 December to gain as much MSP support as possible for the proposed Bill. 

With the consultation responses now collated and analysed, the proposed bill is lodged with the Scottish Parliament: The public’s responses to the bill are published for public viewing as well as the Consultation Summary which has been independently prepared.

This begins a one month period (ending 16 December) where the support of 18 MSPs from at least two political parties is required so that the Bill can be heard in the Scottish Parliament. 

Contact your MSP

Domestic Building Environmental Standards (Scotland) Bill

Alex Rowley MSP has put together put a web page which will give Scottish residents a quick way to find and email their MSPs to ask them to support the Bill. 

Suggested text

Here are some suggestions as to what to include in your email. 

I am writing to you as my MSP to ask you to lend your support to the proposed Domestic Building Environmental Standards (Scotland) Bill so that it can be heard in the Scottish Parliament. Please sign the proposal before 16 December 2022. 

Fuel poverty is worsening with the energy bill crisis and more than one in three people in Scotland finding energy bills unaffordable. To find long-term solutions to the energy bill and climate crises, it makes complete sense to be building all new homes to high standards of energy efficiency and comfort. 

The Passivhaus standard offers proven and reliable energy savings, eliminating the 'performance gap', amd creates warm and comfortable homes. Many Scottish schools are already being built to this standard because of its reliable energy savings and comfort, thanks to an innovative funding mechanism from Scottish Futures Trust that rewards good energy performance.

 Scotland's Climate Assembly, set up by the Scottish Parliament,  presented its Recommendations for Action in which 97% of the Assembly voted in favour of the Passivhaus standard for new build projects in Scotland. 'Update building standards to ensure that, within the next 5 years, all new housing is built to Passivhaus standards (or an agreed Scottish equivalent), to create healthy homes for people while also taking into account whole life carbon costs and environmental impact'.

Add anything else, drawing on your own experience of Passivhaus, that might help make the case with your MSP. 



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Domestic Building Environmental Standards (Scotland) Bill

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