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Post occupancy evaluation of certified Passivhaus homes in the UK

The Passivhaus Trust has been working with Rachel Mitchell, Bath University and WARM to analyse the performance of a number of certified Passivhaus dwellings in the UK.

Monitoring data obtained from Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) research projects has been included in the report, which mirrors the EU funded CEPHEUS research project that examined the performance of Passivhaus buildings across continental Europe. A total of 13 sites in the UK were monitored as part of the project, although the research is open-ended with the possibility of adding project performance data and update the research as and when it becomes available.

The research is focused on certified new-build Passivhaus homes, both single dwellings and multi residential.

One key finding of the research is that the Passivhaus dwellings perform exactly as expected in terms of Space Heating demand.

Normalised and measured heating demand for each site

Key measurement data:

  1. Internal temperature for at least one year
  2. Space Heat energy use (or total energy bills) for the same period as internal temperature
  3. Source of heating

Additional measurement data:

  1. External temperature
  2. Solar radiation
  3. The PHPP sheet for each dwelling
  4. Occupancy levels
  5. Electricity bills


The performance of Passivhaus in new construction

The full paper is available to download for free


If you have worked on a project that has monitoring data and you feel if could be used within the research please contact Kym Mead for further information:

19th July 2017

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