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Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass lecture series: On-demand

Date: On-demand Time: 4 afternoon sessions
Location: Online Cost: PHT member: £25+VAT, Non-member: £32+VAT

Passivhaus Large & Complex Masterclass

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As the adoption of Passivhaus continues to grow in the UK, we are watching more sizeable projects emerge with increasing complexities that bring new challenges. This mini-series covers some exciting, detailed case studies & the latest research on large & complex Passivhaus.

Each Masterclass lecture features first-hand expert practitioners to enrich your practical and technical knowledge about how Passivhaus can apply to your future projects. Learn from real-life projects currently underway that are pioneering the Standard at a mammoth scale. Explore practicalities of how to run, manage & deliver such a Passivhaus development.

On-demand booking is now available for the whole series or individual sessions. Thanks to generous sponsorship, access to this event is free for those working in the public sector, including local authorities & housing associations

Large Complex Masterclass


PHI Credit Renewal Points available: See below for credit points per session. The entire series is worth 12 PHI Credit Points due to how credit points are assigned per 45 minutes of content and rounded down.


Full series summary 

Large & Complex Masterclass Lecture Series: Agar Grove (BOOK NOW)

PHI Credit Renewal Points: 2

Detailed case study 1: Agar Grove, London

Introduction (12min)
Phase 1A & 1B (26.5min)
Certification (19min)
Q&A (10min)
Phase 1C (23min)
Phase 2A (13.5min) 
Q&A (10min)
Wrap-up (3min)
Large & Complex Masterclass Lecture Series: Leisure Centres (BOOK NOW)

PHI Credit Renewal Points: 4

Leisure centres

Introduction (5min)
Passivhaus pools in the UK (1hr9min)
Q&A (10.5min)
St. Sidwell’s Point Introduction (49min)
Q&A (7min)
St. Sidwell’s Point (45min)
Q&A (5min)
Wrap-up (4min)
Large & Complex Masterclass Lecture Series: Passivhaus & RIBA plan of work (BOOK NOW)

PHI Credit Renewal Points: 2

RIBA Plan of Work - Passivhaus overlay

Introduction (3min)
Introduction by RIBA (7min)
Passivhaus overlay (18min)
Managing procurement (24min)
Q&A (9min)
Managing design: airtightness (21min)
Managing construction: sequencing & certification (16min) 
Q&A (11min)
Wrap-up (3min)
Large & Complex Masterclass Lecture Series: Steel Frame (BOOK NOW)

PHI Credit Renewal Points: 2

Steel frame Passivhaus

Introduction (5min)
Introduction to steel frame & Passivhaus (32min)
Steel rigs (19min)
Modelling (23min)
Contractor experience (22min)
Certifier notes (14.5min)
Q&A (16min)
Wrap-up (2min)



  • The series of 4 on-demand sessions.

  • The duration of each Masterclass lecture is approximately 2 hours. The Leisure Centres masterclass is 3.5 hours.




Individual lecture


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Public Sector



Is your council building to Passivhaus standards? Please contact for this offer of complimentary access to share with your local authority & public sector clients. 


Please book via the online registration form to book full or individual masterclass lecture series.


Large Complex Masterclass

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